Laptops Containing Zidane’s Book Scripts Stolen

Zinedine Zidane (known to most Americans as the World Cup head-butt guy) was supposedly supposed to play in an exhibition match in Australia over the weekend. However, organizers say the former French soccer star had to cancel his trip due to “personal reasons“.

Zinedine Zidane World Cup headbutt

Turns out Zidane was suffering from some very personal problems indeed - The manuscript to his upcoming book was stolen. And it may have been nicked by some no-goods who didn’t want Zinedine’s work to be published.

UK’s CHANNEL 4 reports that last April, two laptops were stolen from the houses of two of Zidane’s ghostwriters, and the computers contained most of the work ready for print. As one of the writers explained:

“My electronic diary and laptop, which contained 90 per cent of the manuscript were stolen. We had just finished a chapter on doping. It is gone.”

Head writer Besma Lahouri believes that the laptops were taken by folks wary of what was to be said in Zidane’s autobiography. The book has been promising to “shock the industry” with its uncensored look at drug use and other naughtiness in European soccer.

Lahouri adds that people who participated in the book were having second thoughts:

“Of the many people I interviewed for the biography, some called me back to say they no longer wanted to appear in the book.

Possibly because the written words may not be suitable for all viewers:

“I excavated a wealth of material from publicists and financiers, but above all looked at doping, which had never been written about before.”

Zinedine’s zingers were supposed to hit the shelves last May, but due to the thefts, the book won’t be ready until September. Until then, Zidane’ writers would be better off locking their doors & putting passwords on their new iMacs.