Zidane To Head Soccer Parade In Indonesia

ZINEDINE ZIDANE TO HEAD (BUTT) PARADE IN INDONESIA: No ifs, ands, or (head)buts about it - Zinedine Zidane is off the pitch and on the streets, as he’s scheduled to take part in a parade in Indonesia:

Zidane Indonesia

The JAKARTA POST reports that the French football star will lead about 2,000 folks through the streets of Indonesia’s capital. Afterwards, Zidane will kick it with some national players and officials at the nearby soccer stadium, followed by a “gala” dinner.

Zidane Indonesia shirt

But the real highlight of ZZ’s trip will be attending the opening of a new dairy plant in the town of Bandung.

Atom Heart Mother

Bandung? It’ll be hard to do, with all those cows around.