Zidane Snubs Materazzi And Manchester Charity Game Organizers

ZIDANE SNUBS CHARITY GAME AFTER MATERRAZI INVITED: The MANCHESTER GUARDIAN reports that Zidane refused to play in a charity soccer match in Manchester, England, because he would’ve been in the same lineup as Marco Materazzi, the Italian defender who he viciously headbutted in last year’s World Cup final.


Most every available, active soccer great laced up his boots for the game at Old Trafford, home of Manchester United (David Beckham would’ve played but is out with a knee injury).


But the Guardian reports Zidane refused the invite and “did not make public the reason behind his decision to avoid tonight’s fundraising game at Old Trafford, but the presence of the man who provoked his dismissal in last July’s World Cup final is unlikely to have been alluring.

Zidane Thailand

And if you think Zidane just doesn’t want to play because he is retired, you would be wrong. He played in a similar charity outing in Thailand last month.