Zidane Sign For MLS Chicago Fire Would Eclipse Beckham In Time

ZIDANE MLS SIGN WOULD ECLIPSE BECKHAM IN TIME: Steven Goff of the WASHINGTON POST reports that Zidane may somehow find a way to end his career in worse disgrace than his notorious head-butting episode against Italy in the World Cup - by joining the Chicago Fire of MLS.

Zidane Headbutt

Goff reports that a decision on the move will be made by Monday, noting “Zidane is interested in restarting his tarnished career, but he wants to do it somewhere far from the European hysteria.

AEG owns the Fire, and the Los Angeles Galaxy, which recently signed David Beckham.

Zidane Beckham MLS Chicago Fire Los Angeles Galaxy

In all seriousness, a Zidane sign would be enormous for the profile of the league in the U.S., powered by Zidane’s notoriety born out of his personal World Cup disaster.

Zidane Goal

And he would have more staying power than Beckham with Americans because he actually does something on the field worth watching - score goals consistently.