Zendejas Rape Testimony: Largest Anal Tear Ever

The INLAND VALLEY DALLEY BULLETIN reports this afternoon that former NFL kicker Tony Zendejas will stand trial on four felony rape and sodomy charges after his alleged victim took the stand and provided gruesome details of a January encounter.

Tony Zendejas Accused Of Rape

The woman, identified as “Jane Doe,” alleges that Zendejas spiked her drinks on Jan. 26 while she visited his restaurant in Pomona, CA. After she passed out, Zendejas allegedly took her to a hotel room and raped and sodomized her.

The alleged victim, suspecting she was raped, then visited a hospital the next day.


The next morning, she said, she woke up naked and alone in the bed. Her car keys were on an end table and her clothing was scattered around the room.She said she felt pain in her vaginal and anal areas and immediately suspected she had been raped by Zendejas.

The only other witness called to the stand by prosecutors was the medical examiner who on the afternoon of Jan. 26 examined the woman.

The examiner, Malinda Wheeler, said the woman had a large tissue tear in her anus - she said it was the largest she had seen in her career - and more minor tissue damage in her vaginal area.

Brutal stuff.

It somehow gets worse though for Zendejas. Jane Doe then returned to his restaurant on April 17 and recorded a conversation with him. After asking Zendejas what happened on the night of Jan. 26, he apparently said, “I knocked you out. I took that booty.

For what it’s worth, blood tests on the woman the morning after Jan. 26 were negative for date rape drugs. And Zendejas is claiming the two had consenual sex.

Who do you believe?