Zach Thomas’ Wife Knows Ryan Moats’ Cop Well

NFL player Zach Thomas’ wife, Maritza Thomas, must have had a deja vu moment when she saw the story of Texans RB Ryan Moats and the abuse he took on his way to see his dying mother-in-law.  That’s because the same cop that stopped Moats once jailed her for three hours and issued five tickets for an illegal U-turn.

Zach Thomas blow up doll

(Artist’s rendering of Zach Thomas’ reaction to his wife’s jailing)

The heinous acts (besides the U-turn) that caused five tickets to be issued last July included an incorrect address on a driver’s license and missing a registration sticker on her windshield.  For this, she spent approximately five hours in police custody and then had four of the citations waived in court.

Thomas’ lawyer claims no one should ever be jailed for the listed charges and Officer Robert Powell’s lawyer suggests that people get arrested all the time for multiple traffic charges, so this shouldn’t be blown up at all. We can’t decipher the correct statement(s), but we know we’re checking our glove box for all proper registration before we enter the Dallas city limits.  Or, you know, driving around.

Also, we’ll understand why we can’t find any DVDs of Sheriff John Bunnell’s oeuvre; Officer Powell bought them all up for his collection.