Youth Baseball Coach Was A “Classic” Pedophile

Ronald Bailey became so well known in the community in his hometown of Boiling Springs, North Carolina, that he was simply known as “Coach Ron”, a 70-year-old youth baseball coach who was trusted by parents and kids alike. But the SHELBY STAR says his motives for volunteering were far from pure: He had been using his position of authority as a coach as a way to lure children under the age of 12 into having sex with him.

Ronald Bailey

It’s a testament to the control Bailey had over his victims and their parents that he was able to get away with this for more than 20 years before finally being brought to justice. On Monday, Bailey was sentenced to a minimum of 19 years in prison for a variety of sexual molestation-related crimes, while expressing remorse that he had hurt children he considered to be “a part of my family.

The GASTON GAZETTE says that Bailey’s case is so typical of adults who use a position of power to manipulate children for sexual purposes that the FBI is going to be using his videotaped confession for training. T.O. Curry, a detective with the Cleveland County Sherriff’s Department, said that Bailey was a “classic” example of a pedophile:

“The classic pedophile has a specific age preference, body type, even down to the hair and eye color, which became very evident in this case,” he said.

“It has everything to do with him and his preference,” Curry said. “That is what attracted him to the victims.” Once Bailey’s victims began to like women, he would “let them go,” said Curry.

“It’s not all about sexual gratification. It’s about control that comes with sexual gratification,” he said.

It’s a pattern that Bailey says started more than 50 years ago, when he first got his driver’s license and decided to spending his time driving around and “trolling” for young boys. Who knows how many shattered lives Bailey has left in his wake.

But now he’ll be in jail at least until he’s 90, if he lasts that long: Not only is prison not the healthiest place for old men, but prisoners tend to save special “justice” for pedophiles. At least jail is good for something.