Your Dream BCS Title Game: Wisconsin Vs. Utah

College football fans - how do you feel about a BCS Title Game between Wisconsin and Utah? The downside: outside of fans of either school, no one knows more than two players on the two teams combined. The upside: at least it’s not Ohio State, ready to get shellacked by an SEC school again.

Wisconsin and Utah

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that title game match-up reflects the top two teams in the Colley Matrix, one of six computer ranking systems used to determine the BCS rankings. The match-up also goes to show why the Massey Rankings - another of the six - comes with the following disclaimer:

“Early season ratings will fluctuate significantly until a sufficient number of games have been played.”

So we shouldn’t put too much stock into the computer’s early season rankings. But it’s a heck of a lot of fun, isn’t it? For example, the Colley Matrix has Vanderbilt at No. 4 and Nebraska at No. 5 (I guess you get a lot of credit for beating New Mexico State?), with Ball State comfortably in the Top Ten? And USC? They are No. 14, smack in between Florida and…Minnesota.

Until there is more data, the computer rankings are basically like drawing names out of a hat. Some might say that these rankings prove that human observation is more powerful than computer models when ranking football teams. But I’d like to remind you that West Virgina received seven votes in the latest Coaches Poll. Seriously.

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