Your Choice: ASU/Georgia Tix For $27,000 Or $99?

In these tough economic times, people are looking for bargains anywhere and everywhere, and football tickets are no different. While My Boy Barry has some of the best deals you can find on hard-to-find tickets, BLOOMBERG NEWS reports that a group of 2,000 Georgia Bulldog fans found an amazing deal on tickets for their team’s trip to Arizona State this weekend: spending $99 on tickets instead of $27,000.

Georgia Bulldog fans

The catch?: they bought Sun Devil season tickets. Georgia had 13,000 requests to buy their allotment of 7,300 tickets to the game, and the university decided to make tickets available to high-price donors. The ATLANTA CONSTITUTION JOURNAL says that the minimum donation amount needed to be eligible for tickets was $27,007, leaving about 2,500 major donors shut out.

(You have to feel sorry for the guy who donated $27,000 - it’s like bidding $600 for a dinette set on The Price is Right, only to have the next person bid $601.)

But a group of fans realized that Arizona State season-ticket packages started at just $99 with no wait. That’s called being a frugal shopper. Arizona State officials say they are happy to have fans from other schools buy their season tickets. And since they are selling their season tickets starting at $99 and apparently have plenty on stock, I’m guessing they are happy to have anybody buy their season tickets. Especially seats that are likely to be in the broiling Arizona sun. (I can tell you from personal experience: stay hydrated, Bulldog fans.)

Despite Arizona State’s shocking loss to UNLV last week ruining the national interest in the game (goodbye, College Gameday!), Bulldog fans are still pretty excited about the trip. Especially when you consider that other than bowl games, the team hasn’t played outside of the Southeast since a game at the University of Houston in 1967.

As you can expect, many fans are turning the trip to the game into longer vacations, including trips to Vegas on the way back. There goes that $27,000 they saved on tickets.