Your Cash Is Grass; Yankees Sod Is Now For Sale

It might seem like it’s all New-Yankee-Stadium-hate, all the time around here. But I promise that as soon as they stop coming up with new ways to gouge fans, we’ll stop posting about it. Obviously, that day is not today.

Yankees Grass

Introducing Yankees Sod, which is exactly what it sounds like: grass from Yankee Stadium. But obviously they can’t just take the grass from the infield - they need it for playing baseball on and such. So what’s the actual connection to the team that you’ll overpay for?

There is none.

All right, there’s a very tenuous connection. See, Yankees Sod is grown on the same farm that supplies Yankee Stadium. Just think about that! You can own the very grass that once shared property taxes with the grass in a major league ballpark!

Yankees Sod will be available at New York City-area Home Depot stores near the end of the month. A patch a little bigger than five square feet — 16 inches by 4 feet — will cost $7.50, Mr. Andres said. It may cost a few thousand dollars to cover a large backyard, but the sod comes with a certificate of authenticity from Major League Baseball, complete with the counterfeit-proof hologram, declaring it to be the official grass of the New York Yankees.

Yankees Grass Seed will also be available, in gift-friendly novelty sizes of three ounces and eight ounces, at Yankee Stadium and other places. Home Depot will carry bigger bags of seed.

Don’t think you’ll miss out if you’re not a Yankees fan. Cubs and Red Sox Sod is on the way, and the idea has been floated to the 27 other MLB teams. There’s money to be made here, if only from fans who want to let their dogs relieve themselves on rival grass.