Frank Gore On Vernon Davis: ‘Time To Be A Man’

So this is probably the year when Vernon Davis either earns his wings for the 49ers, or jumps off the bridge in Bedford Falls. Chosen sixth overall in 2006 draft, it looked at first as if the tight end was a wise choice. But three years and nine TDs later (along with 103 receptions and 1,132 yards), I’m seeing more J.J. Stokes than Brent Jones (and yes, I know Stokes was a WR; just sayin’).

Vernon Davis

We may just have a budding Terrell Owens on our hands here in SF, only without so much talent. As RUMORS AND RANTS points out, Davis told the SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS that he’s sworn off fighting in practice. But then on Saturday, he was at it again.

This time the dustup was with linebacker Marques Harris, a development that delighted coach Mike Singletary. Um, actually no — Singletary punished the entire team by making everyone run 12 sideline-to-sideline sprints.

Running back Frank Gore had a message for Davis, via the MERCURY:

“It’s his fourth year now. Now it’s time,” Gore said of Davis. “I wasn’t mad about having to run gassers. I just feel like it’s his fourth year now, and I told him it shouldn’t be him now. Everybody makes mistakes but it shouldn’t be him. OK, a rookie? I accept that.”

Gore said he told on Sunday, “It’s time to be a man and try to do everything right. There are younger guys who probably look up to you on the team.”

Here’s Singletary’s infamous Vernon Davis rant last season:

The SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE’S fun account of the fight:

FIST FIGHT!: The 49ers had their first brawl of training camp, and of course, it involved Mr. Fight Involvement, Vernon Davis. He and linebacker Marques Harris squared off, and Harris might have gotten the better of Davis in their quick scrap before players and coaches intervened. Harris, a five-year vet, showed text book football fight technique. First he popped Davis’s helmet off so he didn’t risk a broken hand, and then worked the body, trying to get underneath Davis’s pads.

Davis was too livid to worry about technique, and instead tried to bury Harris in a hail of fists and grabs. Davis then complained in no uncertain terms that he didn’t appreciate Harris hanging onto his jersey.

Am I secretly hoping for more Davis drama, just to be able to write about Singletary dropping his pants at halftime? Of course. But I’d also accept a calm, collected Davis and a playoff berth.