Young Joins Race For NFL Crazy Man Of The Year

Tennessee Titan fans might think that Vince Young is driving you crazy with his erratic play, but lay off the guy: you’re actually driving him crazy. At least that’s what ESPN reports the team was worried about last night when they sent Nashville police on a search for the wayward quarterback after he went missing from his home for a four-hour stretch.

Vince Young

Clearly, Young has decided that if he can’t be the best player in the league, maybe he can be the most insane. While TO and Chad Ocho Cinco have a fair head start, Young is quickly catching up with recent antics. Maybe the NFL can add to the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award with something like the Barret Robbins Crazy Man of the Year to recognize the achievements of the sport’s true loons.

The Titans called the police after family members told the team that Young “abruptly” left his home at around 7 p.m. without his cell phone, and that they were worried about his emotional well-being. They tracked him down at a friend’s house, and then brought him back to the Titans’ practice facility, where it was determined that his family’s concerns were unfounded.

It’s one thing to get down because you got hurt and then the fans booed you, but this seems a bit much. I’m also assuming that they gave him a cookie, some milk and a lecture about not leaving for a friend’s house without telling Mommy or Coach Fisher where he is going, since this sounds like an eight-year-old running away from home.

“If they love Kerry Collins so much, they can have him! I’m going to run away and they’ll never see me again. I bet they’ll miss me when I’m gone!.”

Although it should be noted that the most kids running away don’t have an unloaded gun, like the AP reports Young had in his glove compartment. But, being Tennessee, of course it’s OK to have a fun in your glove compartment, as long as it’s unloaded.

I would suggest that the Titans pin a note to his shirt in the future telling people how to contact the team if he is found, but we all know that Young would probably just lose the shirt anyway.