Young Ben Stein Likes The Cowboys Stephen A Smith Suing

• BLACK SHOE DIARIES updates us on the Joe Paterno road rage revelations with a revisionist re-telling that praises the Penn State coach.

• Buehler, Buehler, Buehler: MR. IRRELEVANT uncovers a young Ben Stein showing his pride (and gut) for the ‘Boys:

Cowboys fan Ben Stein lookalike

• What’s up with YAHOO! SPORTS? Not only did the Texans move back to Dallas, but HUGGING HAROLD REYNOLDS notes that they had Nick Folk kick a 73-yard field goal.

• HOUSTONED BALLZ tunes out, as they’ve had enough of Dane Cook’s MLB playoff presence.

• MEDIA BISTRO knows everything they say is important, as Stephen A. Smith is lawyering up to pounce back at a Philly paper:

Stephen A. Smith

• ALLIGATOR ARMY needs caller ID, as they transmit the transcripts from Tim Tebow’s cell phone messages.

• Here’s everything you need to know about the NFL’s premiere athlete - Tony Freakin’ Romo.