You Really Don’t Want To Foul Barack Obama

You probably know by now that Barack Obama played a little hoop in high school (make that very little, he was benchwarmer for his school’s team in Hawaii). So S.L. Price of SPORTS ILLUSTRATED recently challenged Obama to a game of one-on-one.

Barack Obama Playing Basketball

The account, much like the presidential race, isn’t exactly enthralling, but Obama, who sported a nike-logoed shirt (is there anyone they haven’t signed?), did have one interesting thing to say.

Upon being hacked by Price, Obama said, “Believe me … you can get shot for doing that.” He was joking. We think.

Obama trying to play basketball is a bit of a stretch for us. We think the more authentic hoops article is pant-suited Hillary Clinton, who by her dress tells us should would’ve had quite a career coaching women’s college basketball:

Pat Summitt Hillary Clinton