You Can’t Be Serious! Djokovic Impersonates Mac

Besides being a pretty good tennis player, Novak Djokovic has done quite well in performing impersonations of some of his courtly colleagues, such as Maria Sharapova. And after defeating Radek Stepanek on Monday night, Novak decided to entertain the US Open crowd with some mimicry of John McEnroe.

Novak Djokovic John McEnroe

(Novak [L] doesn’t seem too focused, as McEnroe doesn’t take too kindly to Djokovic’s joking)

However, unlike Djokovic’s previous targets, Johnny Mac didn’t take such tomfoolery lying down. In fact, McEnroe came down to the court to confront Djokovic - and served up a challenge to settle things once and for all.

(Video after the jump.)

As you can see, ’twas all in good fun. From AFP:

“Everyone has a different personality,” Djokovic said. “I like to entertain the crowd and that makes me happy in a way as well.

“What I’ve done in 2007 with those impersonations and tonight playing with Johnny Mac, I think that’s what the crowd wants, especially in these hours. I think these night matches are very special.”

Leryn Franco Modelling

What a fun guy. No wonder Leryn Franco was so smitten.