You Betcha: Palin Named Girl After ESPN CT Town

About time we get our bi-monthly Sarah Palin fix, with the ASSOCIATED PRESS as the enabler.

Sarah Palin as a sportscaster

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The AP has an advance of an interview Palin did with ESQUIRE mag that will be out on Feb. 16. Of course, the only reason any media outlet these days interviews Palin is to attempt to make her look like a complete jackass.

Sarah Palin Bristol Palin Named After ESPN's Bristol

(Chris Berman approves) 

And I’m happy to report that Esquire succeeded in that endeavor.

From the AP:

In an issue of Esquire magazine that hits newsstands Feb. 16, Palin says that when she was in high school, she wanted to be a sportscaster and was disappointed to learn where ESPN was located.

The Alaska governor says Connecticut was too far away. So instead, she says, she named her daughter Bristol.

Bristol of course is the young lady who birthed a baby out of wedlock, setting the Democrat attack machine all atwitter.

Here’s hoping Mom isn’t also a big baseball fan, as the location of MLB Network could mean her next delivery would come out “Secaucus”.

Funny, there’s been no other advances from the interview, guess Palin didn’t mistake Afghanistan for Ecuador on a map this time.