Tampa Rays Top ‘08 Moment Already In The Books

YOU BEEN BLINDED has what might just be the signature moment for the downtrodden Tampa Rays 2008 season:

The website identifies the chair humper as Rays bullpen coach Bobby Ramos, bullpen coach of the club. We haven’t confirmed that YBB’s assertion is correct, but we’ll get right on that.

We haven’t decided what is funnier, humping a chair in full view of fan(s) at the ballpark, or being called “coach” of a bullpen. That’s kind of like being called “coach” of a Jiffy Lube waiting room.

And yes, we know, the Rays are supposed to be better this season, just like they are every year. As a lifelong Royals fan, we lament the plight of Rays fans - too bad someone actually has to keep score this season.

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