Yellow Card? Ref Urinates On Field During Match

You know, on some level you have got to admire a soccer referee who decides, in the midst of a game, that he’s got to stop and take a leak. Right in the middle of the field. In a professional game that’s being televised. Just a minute, boys; I’ll be right with you.

Massimo Busacca

There’s ref Massimo Busacca in the photo above, who relieved himself during a Qatar Stars League game between Al Gharrafa and Al Khor in Qatar. Being the Middle East, this is causing somewhat of an uproar, with calls for an investigation. Although I’m not sure what they’re going to investigate; it’s all rather obvious what’s happening, as you’ll see in the glorious video below.

Our announcer seems to take more time apologizing to the audience than he does describing what happened. “For the decency of our viewers we cover the footage,” he says more than once. Anyway, no one’s going to be taking a dive in that area for awhile.

Busacca resides in Switzerland, and these kinds of things are always more fun when read in Danish. So here’s the headline and subhead on the incident from the site EKSTRA BLADET:

Pissede dommeren lige på banen!?

Den schweiziske topdommer Massimo Busacca sætter nye standarder for udtrykket ’skandaledommer’.

Hey, I thought they blacked out his schweiziske.

Busacca, who has been a FIFA ref since 1999 and officiated in both the UEFA and Euro 2008 tournaments in Austria and Switzerland, is no stranger to controversy. He was given a three-match ban after flipping off the crowd after a match between FC Baden and BSC Young Boys on Sept. 19.