Year After Crash, Davies Speeding At 125 MPH?

Nearly a year to the day after a serious car crash near D.C. almost killed him - and cost him a spot on the U.S. World Cup team - soccer player Charlie Davies was reportedly cited by French police last weekend for speeding - at 125 MPH.

Charlies Davies speeding at 125 mph


Eastern France newspaper LE PROGRES and the AFP French news agency reported Friday evening that last Saturday Davis was arrested and had his license taken away after cops clocked him speeding in the town of Jura while driving an Audi Q7.

In the early morning hours of Oct. 13, 2009, Davies suffered a lacerated bladder, three broken bones in his right leg, a fractured elbow, eye socket and nose as a passenger in a vehicle crash that cut the car in half - and killed another passenger.

Recently, the coach of the French club that employs Davies, Francis Gillot of FC Sochaux , said that Davis “is still very far” from returning to play with the team. Davies was projected at that time - two weeks ago - to be back in game shape in January at the earliest.

Soccer America magazine had this last month on Davies’ comeback:

Sébastien Daucourt of L’Est Républicain recently wrote of Davies in his last home game with the Sochaux reserves at the stade Rene Blum that it was “painful to watch” the American:

“In an hour on the field, his misery lingered. He touched just a few meager balls with which he hardly did anything. He even began to grouse after his teammates before heading directly to the locker room, his head low, after his substitution.”

The only good news out of this? The person who loaned the car to Davies in France has reportedly taken it back.