Blog Jam: Dragon Out Yao Ming’s New Sneakers

• CLEVELAND.COM’s AND ONE gets a sneak peek at Yao Ming’s new Pump Omni Hexride sneakers:

Yao Ming Pump Omni Hexride shoe

No wonder his feet hurt - must be from embarrassment.

• LAIST reads up on Tito Ortiz & Oscar De La Hoya duking it out in Los Angeles today - in a battle of book signings.

• YAHOO’s GOLF EXPERTS BLOG wants folks who shout “Get in the hole!” to shut their own holes.

• Colby White of the DAILY TEXAN learns that some football folks have been bothered by the college bowl system as far back as 1948.

• THE SPORTS POINT follows up on the openly obnoxious father & son at the U.S. Open, as caddie Tony Navarro shuts up the hecklers by using his head.

• GOSSIP ON SPORTS swings up video proof of why Bartolo Colon wouldn’t work out as a National League pitcher.

• BLACK HEART GOLD PANTS was just trying to help Iowa flood victims. No need for the DES MOINES REGISTER to threaten legal action against something already legal.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH isn’t playing games with Milton Bradley anymore - no, wait, they actually are.

• Hallelujah! MERKIN SPORTS gives praise to the Cowboys’ Roy Williams for really liking God.