Yao Ming Employs Ancient Chinese Secret On Foot

Yao Ming has decided to spurn Western Hemisphere’s stubborn adherence to modern medicine to heal his fractured foot. REUTERS is reporting the Rockets’ center is turning to the cryptic-sounding answer of “traditional Chinese medicine.”

acupuncture foot

“There is no reason to dismiss (traditional Chinese medicine),” Yao said. “It’s been used in our country for thousands of years. I don’t think it’s short on science.”

That’s a valid argument, even if there are dangers with metal poisoning that accompany acupuncture treatment. But the prospect of Yao sipping a lot of darjeeling to sooth his foot is quite enticing.

Me? I’ll stick with the white man cure of chicken soup and Sprite to cure all ailments. Better not be Diet Sprite. That reverses the effect.