Yanks Record 97-Year-Old PA Guy’s Intro Of Jeter

Tyler Kepner blogs in the NEW YORK TIMES about Derek Jeter’s reverence for 97-year-old Bob “Voice of God” Sheppard, who has been handling PA at Yankee Stadium since 1951.

Bob Sheppard Derek Jeter

Sheppard is suffering from bronchitis, which is keeping him away from his duties at the ballpark, but that won’t stop Derek Jeter from opening up the heavens when he steps in to the batter’s box this season.

It won’t be Bob Sheppard at the microphone today when the lineups are introduced here at windy, drizzly Yankee Stadium for the final opening day. Sheppard is recovering from an illness and hopes to be back by midseason.

But Sheppard’s voice will still be heard. Last season, Derek Jeter took a step to make sure of that.

“One of the things I had him do was record him introducing me,” Jeter said a few minutes ago, “so I’ll always come to the plate with Bob Sheppard.”

Nice gesture by Jete. One wonders if he’ll keep that up if, god forbid, Sheppard passes anytime soon. We guess we shouldn’t be thinking that way, but we’re Royals fans, and have nothing better to do (after we lose our spot at the top of the standings later today - for the rest of the season).

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