Yankees Would Deduct Torres Hotel Incidentals Direct From Paycheck

WE NOW KNOW WHY YANKEES HAD TO LOW-BALL TORRE: Some think that playoff inconsistency was the reason for Joe Torre’s ouster. But thanks to tireless investigative reporting by NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reporter Juan Gonzalez, we may have uncovered why Torre was really fired given a low-ball contract offer.

Joe Torre

Gonzalez recent audited the New York Yankees team hotel bills (fun! fun! fun!) and reports that Yankees management “routinely docked the paychecks of Torre and his athletes for the most picayune expenses. The organization “had a penny-pinching policy toward expenses racked up by [Torre] and other team members on the road.

Example: In June 2005, the team’s hotel bill for a four-day stay in Balto was $67,916. Yankees Traveling Secretary David Szen, who we’re sure is extremely well-liked in the organization, wrote to the team’s payroll department, “Please deduct $84.38 from Joe Torre’s next paycheck. This is for the cost of incidentals at the Renaissance Harborplace Hotel in Baltimore.

So you see, Torre really left the Yankees no choice but to force Torre to take a pay cut, with all those mind-numbing mini hotel bar bills to account for.

This also gives us a clue as to why Don Zimmer departed so abruptly from the Yankees staff a few years back. You’d think after 50 years in the big leagues the guy would’ve grasped that they already have towels at the hotel pool!