Yankees Wash Fans Out of Stadium Before Game

The New York Yankees’ front office has not been invited to the NRA convention in Phoenix this weekend, but they should have been. Their breakout session on How to Shoot Yourself in the Foot Repeatedly with a Semi-Automatic Weapon would have drawn crowds, even to the expensive seats up front.

Yankee Stadium lockout

However, those crowds might have been kicked out prematurely by Yankee Stadium ushers like the ushers did to Yankees fans during the rain delay last night. Some ushers told fans the game had been canceled around 9 pm ET. This would have been brilliant crowd control except the game then started at 9:20 pm.

Oopsie! Sorry; no re-entry, kids.

Prematurely ejected fans clamored at the gates to be allowed in again, but the slow wheels of Yankee decision-making couldn’t process the problem until after security had broken up the angry masses and sent them home.

Oh, and also after threatening a newspaper photographer taking pictures of the faux pas. Since the pictures still exist, they must have tried to scare him with a Chien-Ming Wang fastball.