Yankees Might Sue Worker Over Buried Sox Shirt

OK, this whole Yankees-Red Sox rivalry is getting ridiculous. First, some construction worker buries a David Oritz shirt in the concrete of the new Yankee Stadium, hoping to curse the new ballpark.

David Ortiz Red Sox shirt buried at Yankee Stadium

Then the Yankees take the trouble to jackhammer and excavate said jersey from the hardened foundations (which we called, BTW).

Now, the Bronx ball club wants to take the construction worker to court.

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that the Yanks are pressing for criminal & civil charges against Gino Castignoli, the worker who stuffed the Sox shirt into the concrete. As part of the charges, the team will try to get $30,000 from Castignoli - the estimated amount it cost to dig up the duds.

And what does Hank Steinbrenner think of Gino’s little prank?

I hope his coworkers kick the s*** out of him.”

Figures he’d equate anything involving the Red Sox as fecal matter.

Big Apple & Beantown columnists also chime in on the whole affair, with expected results. The D-N’s Lisa Swan proclaims, “I hope somebody locks this guy up and throws away the key. And I hope he gets sued into oblivion.”

Meanwhile, Eric Wilbur of the BOSTON GLOBE can’t believe the whole overreaction by the Bronx Bombers about the buried clothing: “Go ahead, sue the guy. Because we just can’t get enough of witnessing what a buffoonery the Yankees have become.”

In reality, both sides have played the buffoon with their obsession over hating each other. But, hey, just like college football’s BCS system, the Sox-Yanks yapping gives sports fans something to talk about - especially how absurd it all is.