Yankees Stop Stadium All-Star Promotion w/Ortiz?

Darren Rovell of CNBC reports that the Yankees are considering pulling the plug on an All-Star promotion this summer between Major League Baseball and State Farm that would allow one lucky fan to call the first home run shot of an All-Star hitter in the Home Run Derby for cash and prizes.

David Ortiz jersey found at Yankee Stadium

Apparently, there’s a key element to the promotion that has their knickers in a full twist with a half-pike. You see, the batter would be David Ortiz. Of the Boston Red Sox. At Yankee Stadium. In its last season. Doing Babe Ruth’s apocryphal bit. Oops.

Unfortunately, we do believe the Yankees would be this petty and pandering to its fan base. We just wish the Yankees organization (and especially the Steinbrenner clan) would strike an indifferent pose about the buried jersey and the home run derby and all that.

We know the Yankees are considering bringing back the Y2K(+9) bug for next year for good luck since that’s the year of their last World series win, but wouldn’t it be grand if they treated this like the minor road bump that it is and still treated the Boston team like garbage on the bottom of their Manolos? “Oh… David Ortiz plays for that team from the tea town? How… quaint. Carry on.”