Yankees MySpace Photos Pitcher Tyler Clippard Elisabeth Shue Soccer Movie

• Now that he’s famous, CAN’T STOP THE BLEEDING tracks down the MySpace page of new Yanks pitching hero Tyler Clippard. Check these pics of pecs:

Tyler Clippard MySpace photos

• THE BEAUTIFUL GAME previews the next big soccer flick, based on the real life of a young Elisabeth Shue:

Soccer Movie Elisabeth Shue

• With no Triple Crown to capture, CNBC’S Darren Rovell tries to help the Belmont Stakes snag some viewers, suggesting “We have a great Barbaro tribute.

• SPORTS CURMUDEGON gets in line to get a John Kruk bobblegut:

John Kruk bobblehead

• LION IN OIL checks the signals that a mom is suing her son’s Little League for not teaching him to slide.

• COCK & FIRE giveth the official proclamation from Lord Houston of Nutt on the banishment of vile Mitch Mustain:

Houston Nutt streak

• AOL FANHOUSE hacks up the name of the coach sending porno e-mails to all the NFL GM’s.

• SPORTS TALK DAILY suggests LeBron should be more selfish in Game 2, since THE FUTON REPORT notes the Cavs scored less than an Arena Football team on the same night.

LeBron James Arena Football

• SPORTS FROG breaks the shocking news that if given the number one pick, the Bucks would take Greg Oden.

• LOSER WITH SOCKS gives you college football geeks some advice on surviving an internet ass-kicking.