Yankees Defraud Fans Over Open Affordable Seats

The Yankees have already screwed the average fan numerous times, most recently by trying to move everything in season ticket packages, and not opening up single game sales until less than 2 weeks before opening day. Well, they’ve added a new wrinkle to their plot to separate New Yorkers from their cash: outright lying about cheap seats not being available.

Yankee Stadium

Here’s the short story: don’t ask for any seats less than $375, because you’ll be told they’re all sold out. They’re lying to you. It’s a particularly insidious and illegal way to sell their most expensive tickets.

For the long story, which I hope reads extra bold because I’m pounding the keyboard that hard in my anger, meet me after the jump.

I called the Yankee ticket office to try to get two seats for a game, any game, and I was told that most everything was sold out for the season, and the cheapest I could get two tickets together for was $375 apiece. My brain said “f**k no,” but my mouth said “no thanks” and I hung up.

Just for laughs, I logged on to the Yankees’ website and started searching for tickets. Sure enough, there were plenty of $375 seats available. But here’s the thing: there were plenty of cheaper tickets too. There were plenty of field level seats available for $90, main level seats for $75, and even some terrace seats for as cheap as $48.

I went up to Yankee Stadium yesterday, since I have gift certificates that are only redeemable at the stadium ticket office. While in line, I heard the sales rep tell people in front of me the same line: that nothing cheaper than $375 was available the entire season.

I got the same spiel when I asked for tickets, but luckily I had poked around online first. So when I asked him to check the specific game I wanted, those seats magically became available.

So I walked away with two $90 tickets–field level, spectacular seats– for a September game against Boston. If there are still prime tickets left for key divisional matchups during the stretch run, I’m going to guess there are a ton of other seats available for cheaper than $375 throughout the season.

Since I got the $375 figure from two different salespeople, I’m going to surmise that it’s official team policy to tell people only the expensive seats are left, and hope they don’t bother to check for themselves. That’s about the lowest thing I’ve ever seen from a team, and against the law to boot.