Yankees Better Root For Democrats to Win White House

YANKS NEED HILLARY, NOT RUDY, TO REPRESENT IN D.C.: Although the Subway Series sweep was subsided, things definitely could be better for the New York Yankees.

Frustrated Yankees fans

But if the Bronx Bombers really want their fortunes to change, they better be pulling for Hillary or Obama in ‘08.

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The Yankees, with baseball’s highest payroll year in & year out, have not won rings since George W. Bush officialy took office in early 2001.

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In fact, of the 26 World Series championships won by the Yanks, 19 occured while a Democrat was sitting in the White House - including their last 8 straight titles.

Rudy Guiliani World Series Trophy

Guiliani may be a big fan, but his inauguration could lead to four more years of empty mantle space for Steinbrenner.