Blog-A-Roni: WWE Diva Wrestling w/Escort Claims

• WITH LEATHER slams down rumors of Ashley Massaro, a WWE Diva that TMZ claims has been grappling with opponents outside the ring while working for an escort service.

Ashley Massaro

• Speaking of the squared circle, THE SPORTS HERNIA catches Dancing fool Jason Taylor showing off more wrestling moves.

WALKOFF WALK has pics and BUGS &CRANKS have video of Jennifer Anniston & Owen Wilson dogging it during a Marlins game.

• Remember that kid who had been wearing a Brett Favre jersey for the past 4 years? Well, YOU BEEN BLINDED follows up that the boy has finally shed the shirt.

• JOE SPORTS FAN takes a gander at NHL fans all dressed up for the conference semifinals.

• But as GOING FIVE HOLE knows, none of those outfits could even hold a candle to Don Cherry’s wild wardrobe.

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE wonders if Jake long will be the next Tony Mandarich.

• PRO FOOTBALL TALK hears heavenly word that the Saints are still interested in Jeremy Shockey.