WVU Players Are Sloppy Drunks (Like Their Coach)

The fact that a couple of drunk guys got arrested at PNC Park in Pittsburgh during a game versus Colorado isn’t big news. Frankly, I’d have to be pretty bombed in order to sit through a Pirates/Rockies match-up in late July. But when the two people arrested are West Virginia basketball players, including expected starting point guard Joe Mazzulla, it’s news.

West Virginia PG Joe Mazzulla

He and teammate Cameron Thoroughman are facing a host of charges after their altercation with Pirates security and police. According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS (via SI.com), here’s how things allegedly went down:

“The 20-year-old players began arguing with police when they refused a request for identification, according to a criminal complaint. The officers said the two smelled of alcohol.

Thoroughman said he did not have ID, according to the report. Police said he lied about his age and threatened a security guard. Police said officers brought Thoroughman to the ground when he refused to put his arms behind his back. While Thoroughman was struggling with the officer, Mazzulla tried to grab his teammate and punched a police sergeant.”

West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins has said that he will “let the judicial process take its course and the matter will be handled internally.” Personally, I think the players clearly missed a chance to avoid the whole mess. They could have told security that they smelled of alcohol because they had a meeting with Coach Huggins right before coming, and “Coach got a little sloppy and spilly, if you know what I mean…

This story and West Virginia’s recent Top 5 placement in a Princeton Review list of top party schools probably aren’t related. Nor is the fact that WE MUST IGNITE THIS COUCH compared Mazzulla to the rock band The Killers last year - clearly they haven’t heard of my new favorite band, The Aggravated Assaulters.

It’s worth noting that Mazzulla’s MySpace page appears to be entitled “Get Money”. No word on if he is planning on adding the word “Bail” in the middle.