WTF: ESPNer Apologizes For “Wife-Beater” Term?

Remember that hilarious video of Donyell Marshall forgetting his jersey last night for the Cavaliers? AWFUL ANNOUNCING has Stan Verrett of ESPN using the common slang term “wife beater” on SportsCenter to describe Marshall’s tank top undershirt during the highlights of the game.

Stan Verrett ESPN Wife Beater Apology

Shortly thereafter, Verrett apologized on-air for using the term, as it was “clearly a poor choice of words and I sincerely apologize to anyone I may have offended with that term and we meant no harm.

So Verrett has to apologize for saying “wife beater” on the air? What about Chris Berman, and his expletive-filled tirade that we enjoyed so much yesterday?

Oh, you say that was off-the-air. OK, well so was Dana Jacobson’s rant, and that was in the context of a Roast, which is all supposed to be off-the-record. So why does Jacobson get suspended and Everett get reprimanded (we’re assuming) but Berman skates (we’re also assuming)?