W.S. Ticket Flap Latest Of Yankee Stadium Follies

How strange an opening season has it been for the new Yankee Stadium? The ticket prices were so astronomical that thousands of empty seats remained even in the playoffs, Peter Gammons called it the biggest joke in baseball, and they served hot dog buns that were apparently cooked when Babe Ruth built their last stadium. Oh, and just for good measure, it’s already falling apart.

Yankees Ticket Window
(What makes you think that these people would know anything about the ticket situation? Does it say “Tickets” somewhere? Oh crap, that’s exactly what it says. Uh-oh.)

The operative problem here is the tickets; since the Yankees have no qualms about pricing themselves out of a sellout, the possibility of picking up some remaining tickets lingered on through yesterday and today. And by possibility, of course, we mean “the team not telling fans that it was sold out.” Not a huge problem, until you realize that 200 of those fans happened to be camped out at the stadium waiting for hours and hours in the middle of a rainstorm, waiting for those nonexistent tickets. Then we’ve got trouble.


Over 200 confused fans stormed Yankee Stadium’s front doors this morning — some waiting some 30 hours in the rain — when they realized the team was not selling any World Series tickets.

“Why didn’t they just come out last night and tell us there were no tickets, instead of having us stand in the rain for hours,” said Yankee fan Mike Russo, 53, of Brooklyn.

At 9 a.m., a security guard announced that there were no World Series tickets available for sale. About 30 minutes later, the team, which had set up barricades in order for fans to stand in an orderly line, sent out the same security guard to tell them that there were some ducats available.

The announcement sent cheers across the crowd.

But the fans never got any tickets after the barricades were suddenly removed.

That prompted the fans, about 70 of them that remained, to bank [sic] on the glass doors. Chanting, “No tickets, no peace,” the rain-soaked fans demanded better information.

The Post says it’s “unclear” why the fans thought there’d be tickets on sale, a fair question if you don’t pay attention to what the Post reports. Fortunately, one commenter there has a sharp memory:

The article states, “It remains unclear what prompted fans to believe that tickets would go on sale today.” The print edition of the Post today, on page 6, states, “200 World Series tickets will be sold at Yankee Stadium at 10 a.m. this morning.” Hmmmm.

Other commenters mentioned similar announcements on the radio, on the Yankees’ website, and in the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. So, yes, there was an effort to get that message out, clearly.

As far as resolving the situation goes, well, what are you going to do? If there’s no tickets, there’s no tickets, and it’s not like the fans were screwed out of any money - just time. Time that could have been better spent doing anything but pretending to be homeless for 30 hours straight. Relax, guys. Now you can buy something with a little more value than the ticket stub of the first game of a World Series where your favorite team got swept*.

*Note: this will probably not come true.