WS-For-Sex Woman Gets Her Free Tickets After All

She’s still being charged with soliciting for prostitution, but Susan Finkelstein will go to Game 3 of the World Series before she heads to court, courtesy of a Philadelphia radio station. Finkelstein, you may recall, was arrested for allegedly offering sex acts in exchange for Series tickets in an ad she placed on Craigslist.

Susan Finkelstein

But radio DJ Tim Acosta from Wired 96.5 took pity on the horny, 47-year-old Phillies fan and presented her with two tickets to Game 3 in Philadelphia, for her and her husband. Wait, what? Her husband?

Should offering sex for World Series tickets be a crime?

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Acosta, known on the airwaves as Chio, told FOX NEWS 29 that it was indeed he who gave the tickets to Finkelstein.

So I guess the question has to be asked: What’s the difference between what Chio did — give tickets to a woman in exchange for publicity and ratings (ie, money) — and what Finkelstein did? They’re all consenting adults.

Of course Finkelstein’s attorney says it’s all a big misunderstanding anyway:

“Her and her husband were looking for a chance to go to the World Series and she wound up in handcuffs,” says Finkelstein’s attorney Bill Brennan.

Brennan says the wording on his client’s online ad does not depict her as a woman looking for a sexual encounter. He says she’s misunderstood.

“You have a die-hard Phillies fan that uses a colloquial phrase and says ‘I’ll do anything for tickets!’ and she’s arrested. It’s beyond the pale,” believes Brennan. “For the life of me, can’t figure out how there’s criminal activity here.”

On Finkelstein’s Facebook page, she says she dreams of being “a Phillies groupie” and her attorney says her dream of going to the World Series is still alive, reported Fox 29’s Sean Tobin.

Finkelstein has a preliminary court hearing scheduled for December 3.

Potential hilarity during Game 3: When Finkelstein is asked by a vendor to “pass this hotdog down.”