Wrigleyville To Stop Beer Sales During Playoffs?

If there’s one thing Chicago Cubs fans love to do, it’s drink. Whether celebrating a possible reverse of the World Series curse, or drowning their sorrows in another “Just wait ’til next year!” season, you can be sure the Old Style will be flowing inside & outside Wrigley Field.

Cubs fans beer bong

However, if one Chicago city official has his way, booze sales at bars around 1060 W. Addison will cease during pivotal postseason games - if only temporarily.

The SUN-TIMES reports that Ray Orozco has brought up a proposal asking bars & restaurants in the Wrigleyville area to stop selling alcohol after the 7th-inning stretch, just as they do inside the ballpark. However, once the game is finished, beer, wine and Brandy Alexanders can all go back on sale.

“What’s it to Ray?”, you may ask. Well, as executive director of the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications, Orozco just wants to keep any Cubbie celebrations from “turning ugly”, and thus keep the need for emergency services (riot police, water cannons, etc.) to a minimum. Besides, the proposed moratorium would only be put into affect on days of a possible series-clinching game.

However, bar owners aren’t so keen on cutting off sales, even for only a short period of time:

“It’ll be one hour, maybe more, without offering service,” said Sam Sanchez, owners of John Barleycorn, 3524 N. Clark. “Customers will be unhappy. We’ll lose business. There’s no reason for them to come back. We’re sending a bad message to the world that Chicago cannot host a large event at a time when we’re hoping to bring the Olympics to Chicago.”

Not only that, what if the games go into extra innings? Bars will be turned into speakeasies. Hooch will be smuggled by gangsters through the tunnels & sewers underneath Sheffield & Waveland. It’s Al Capone all over again!