Cubs Game To Compete w/Orange-Clad Protesters

When they show aerial shots of Wrigley Field during this evening’s NLDS game between the Cubs and Dodgers, you might notice a bright orange blob in your picture.  No, it’s not a group of confused Dutch soccer fans who couldn’t get in to the game. Instead, it’s somebody’s idea of a protest, and it will actually be much smaller than initially planned.

orange people

(“Did someone say orange protest?”)

Chicago mayor Richard Daley was freaking out late last week when State Senator Richard Meeks threatened to completely ring Wrigley with 6,000 protesters in bright orange shirts. What are they protesting? The disparity in education funding in the Chicago area. I guess they must think it’s Ron Santo’s fault.

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I’m sure that Cubs fans will be pleased to hear why Daley, a die-hard White Sox supporter, was urging Meeks not to protest the game. From CHICAGOIST:

We waited 100 years for the Cubs to get in. You shouldn’t disturb them. I really believe that. They’ve been very helpful [by contributing to] a lot of programs. This is their day…It doesn’t do any good in the long run.

Ouch. I guess Daley isn’t even aware that the Cubs have actually made the playoffs a handful of times over the last century. Ever heard of a gentleman named Bartman, sir?

As it turns out, Meeks’ group agreed to a compromise with city officials and won’t be ringing the stadium, and also will bring far fewer than 6,000 protesters. The CHICAGO SUN-TIMES reports that a smaller group will be confined to a cordoned-off area in the middle of Addison Street near the park’s entrance. Meeks seems satisfied with the deal:

Meeks said he still expects cameras from the Goodyear blimp to capture a sea of school protestors in orange t-shirts for the national television audience.

“This is the city that works,” Meeks said. “We’ll still get the blimp shot with this protest.”

And, as we all know, after that one glorious blimp shot, the city’s education issues will be forever solved. Never underestimate the power of a bunch of orange shirts.

For what it’s worth, Meeks is threatening to do the same thing at White Sox playoff games.  The crowd will likely be smaller, though, as there won’t be a post-protest bash at Bernie’s like there will be tonight.

Don’t worry if you miss it. The whole thing will be hilariously lampooned in the season premiere of “Frank TV”.  Caliendo does a killer Daley.

UPDATE:  TBS has shown the overhead shot of Wriglely about 8 times in the first two innings and I have yet to see an orange shirt anywhere. In fact, the streets around the stadium are pretty desolate. So, either they’ve been herded out of camera shot, or they didn’t show up.  

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