Nipples Nowhere To Be Seen On Wrestlemania Ad

A large banner displayed in downtown Orlando has caused quite a stir, as the folks featured on it have had their nipples airbrushed out.

Wrestlemania banner no nipples

But they weren’t lifted from the breasts of lascivious ladies. Rather, they were prohibited from the pecs of pro wrestlers.

Scott Maxwell of the ORLANDO SENTINEL shares the strange news of the banner advertising this weekend’s Wrestlemania XXIV at the Citrus Bowl.

Upon further inspection, the areolas of athletes like John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H have been banished from the banner. Mayor Buddy Dyer explained that there’s a city ordnance that bans the display of nipples, whether male or female.

But it was later discovered that no such city law exists. So, why the nulling of the nipples?

What happened, said a similarly uncomfortable city spokesman, Carson Chandler, was that city staffers asked the WWE and folks to create banners that weren’t too provocative. And somewhere along the way, the nipples were airbrushed out before the giant sign reached Orlando.

For those central Florida residents that really miss seeing the Big Show’s boobs airbrush-free, don’t worry - the same Wrestlemania ad also appears on local city buses, with nipples in tact.