WR Reggie Williams Blows Pay Day With DWI, Pot

Jaguars wide receiver Reggie Williams was on the verge of a serious pay day. The No. 4 overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft, Williams racked up 189 receptions for 2,322 yards and 18 touchdowns in his Jacksonville career, numbers that don’t blow you away, but still combine with his athleticism to ensure a number of teams would throw money around to get him. That might not be the case anymore, after Williams was arrested Friday morning for a DWI and was found with just less than an ounce of marijuana on him during the arrest.

reggie williams jaguars

(Williams: Not quite so smiley after Friday morning arrest.)

According to JACKSONVILLE.com, Williams was arrested at 1:59 a.m. on Friday, marking the second time Jacksonville police have booked the wide out for marijuana possession. When he was caught in 2006, Williams was avoided criminal time because of a pretrial intervention program. This time he might not be so lucky, and teams are much less likely to brush off the offense as a one-time indiscretion. After all, one arrest can be a fluke, two makes you a repeat offender.

So, exactly how much money has Williams just smoked away? It’s hard to tell, but his production matches up well with guys like Devrey Henderson ($2,000,000) of the Saints and Santonio Holmes ($ 1,741,920), at worst. That would put him around the $2 million per year mark, a slight bump from the salary on his most recent Jacksonville deal. It seems unlikely that another team will give him that money now, so he may have cost himself $1 million or more with this second incident alone.

There is a silver lining for Williams and his legal woes, because life could always be worse: He could be Quincy Carter. The former Cowboys quarterback was booked for drunk driving and posession of marijuana again on Friday, too, and he doesn’t even have any NFL prospects anymore.