Wow: Ref Gets TRUCKED By Vikings Jeff Dugan


Jeff Dugan Trucks NFL official

NFL Back Judge Richard Reels is run down by Minnesota Viking Jeff Dugan on a Percy Harvin’s Kickoff for a touchdown that cut Steelers’ lead over the Vikings to 20-17 with 6:09 left at Heinz Field.

Reels (83, foreground) had to be helped off the field.

Punishment for Jeff Dugan for running over official Richard Reels

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Now for the really crazy part. (video after the jump)

The same official had called Dugan for tripping earlier in the game on a play that cost the Vikings a touchdown.

With the obvious payback, I have a feeling Dugan’s going to be facing a serious suspension for the hit on Reels.

I’m thinking he could be looking at more than just a one-game suspension. If I was Roger Goodell, I’d suspend Dugan for four games without pay because, again, the shot was clearly deliberate. Dugan ignores a pursuing Steeler and when he reached Reels, extended his arms to push the official to the ground. Blatant.

You don’t want to set a precedent in this situation, if you’re going to err, it should be on making punishment too harsh.

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