Would You Like To Taste Herschel Walker’s Meat?

Last time we checked in on former NFL running back Herschel Walker, he was shocking the sports world with his admission that he suffered from multiple personality disorder during his playing career. Nobody seemed to remember him being crazy, just 20 different kinds of badass. For him to conceal his struggles and conquer them without tipping his hand, we thought, was a ballsy accomplishment from a guy with no shortage of balls.

Herschel Walker and a chicken.

Whatever Walker wants to call himself - Renaissance man, ex-NFLer, Sybil, there’s no denying he’s a complex man with many facets. Turns out that one of those facets just happens to be “meat processing magnate.” Who knew? A sampling of Walker’s meat, after the jump.

According to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS, Walker is one of the top minority owners in the food processing business, which is as you may have noticed during your last trip to the supermarket (OM NOM NOM) is a big one. Walker’s quick rise through the ranks of processed meats is impressive:

Renaissance Man started in 2000 after Walker had a casual conversation with a Sysco Corp. vice president who asked him to provide some chicken breading recipes from his mom.

ConAgra Foods Inc. produced some samples using the recipe and the product sold well, Walker said. Production later shifted to Tyson Foods Inc.

About three years ago, Walker entered a joint venture with privately held Simmons Poultry Farms Inc., which had the Arkansas processing plant.

Walker is the sole owner of Renaissance Man and has invested about $25 million from his own pocket into the business. In 2006, Renaissance Man won Sysco’s annual Heritage Award, given to its top women- and minority-owned suppliers. 

The article notes that Walker is far from the first athlete to enter the exciting world of meat, but is definitely one of the most successful. Walker’s story is of course even more cool due to the fact that he has battled mental illness to achieve his success. Regardless of whether one is a former NFL star or not, that’s not easy - we’ve seen far too many pro athletes fail to conquer their demons, so congratulations to Herschel Walker for conquering his through the modern miracle of processed chicken.