Worst Job In New York City Now Knicks Beat Writer

SERVING SABRETTS ALL DAY NOW NOT SO BAD AFTER ALL?: The NEW YORK OBSERVER has a piece about the worst job in New York City. Take a guess what it is:

A) Cab Driver
B) Toll booth operator
C) Sidewalk vendor
D) Knicks beat writer

Knicks beat reports against toll booth operator

John Koblin of the NYO notes that the Knicks job is the “most demoralizing reporting gig in the city” - and he got no disagreement from the men who man MSG.Alan Hahn of NEWSDAY: “It’s [MSG], it should be one of the top beats in New York. It’s maddening. What it should be and what it is — it’s a shame.

Howard Beck of the NEW YORK TIMES: “I’ll admit that the beat makes me miserable.”

Frank Isola of the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS: “It used to be fun.

The best example you can cite as to why the job really sucks? The Knicks have a policy, no doubt enacted by Jim Dolan, that a Knicks PR person “must be present for every interview. That’s a Garden policy.

Of course, no other team in the league has such an asinine rule, and it makes the job of reporting much more difficult. In other words, it’s virtually impossible for a beat writer to get anything fresh, interesting or controversial out of the players. Which is exactly the way Dolan wants it.

Finally more Beck (who is a former LADN Lakers reporter and a good dude): “Everyone [at MSG] is so worried about upsetting [MSG Chair] Jim Dolan, or getting fired, and as a result people aren’t themselves.

Actually not true, the Knicks were very much themselves in Boston Thursday night.