World Cup: FIFA Drops Referee Koman Coulibaly

There’s been much speculation as to the fate of African World Cup referee Koman Coulibaly after his blown call in the U.S.A.’s last match against Slovenia.

Koman Coulibaly Sacked By FIFA At World Cup

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Today FIFA finally officially responded to the matter, if not indirectly, by not assigning Coulibaly to the next round of World Cup matches. (Matches 33-40.)

The referee for the U.S.-Algeria match on Tuesday is Belgian Frank De Bleeckere.

Unlike Coulibaly, who is officiating his first World Cup, De Bleeckere is a veteran referee who has officiated some of the world’s most important matches in recent years. His most significant appearance came as lead official for the 2006 Champions League match between Chelsea and Barcelona in 2006.

Stephane Lannoy

(Referee Lannoy Also Removed After Kaka Debacle)

Also dropped from the World Cup officiating roster for Games 33-40 is Stephane Lannoy, the French referee who ejected Brazil’s Kaka by mistake against the Ivory Coast on Sunday.

While FIFA made the right call in dropping Coulibaly, soccer’s world governing body still has to answer why so many veteran officials from the world’s top leagues are being passed over for obscure, internationally inexperienced referees like Coulibaly.