I’m Hoping Snoop Has No Concealed Carry Permit

Chris Mottram of THE SPORTING BLOG watches “Around The Horn” so we don’t have to. Turns my favorite rapper turned porn producer, Calvin Broadus (Snoop Dogg), appeared on the show this week, perched like a parrot on J.A. Adande’s clavicle.

Snoop Dogg attacked by Woody Paige on Around The Horn

To open the show, host Tony Reali “muted” a generally incoherent Broadus (granted, it was after he was done talking). Then we found out that apparently dain-bramaged Woody Paige is off the Lithium, as he unloaded a senseless verbal beatdown on recent fire damage victim.

If you’re in line at the DMV, or getting a head start on your taxes, you might enjoy the video (after the jump).

So why was Broadus on the show in the first place? Total guess has Adande chillin’ with the rapper in a club somewhere (let’s hope not the IE), and then after a few too many ‘neat’ Grey Gooses, the ESPN.com columnist prevailed up Broadus to come on the show.

Look Snoop, it’ll be great! You can talk about sports! And promote your new (insert whatever he’s selling)!”

Let’s just hope for Woody’s sake Broadus never landed a conceal carry permit during OC Sheriff Mike Corona’s gravy train reign.