Woods Uchitel-Enabler Reps Huge Tiger Biz Deal

Today Ron Green, Jr., of the CHARLOTTE OBSERVER has a piece on the North Carolina development that will feature one of the first Tiger Woods-designed courses. The course, called The Cliffs at High Carolina, is still apparently a go and the project leader for Team Tiger is none other than Woods flunky Bryon Bell.

Tiger Woods: Inspired by golf, Motel 6

(Motel 6 outbid Perkins for coveted placement)

Yes, Bell is the same guy who TMZ.com reported, with his own personal credit card, booked Rachel Uchitel’s flight and hotel room to Australia where she was ambushed by the NATIONAL ENQUIRER. The Enquirer’s piece on Uchitel’s Bell-enabled *alleged* tryst with Woods reportedly contributed to his Thanksgiving car accident.

Bryon Bell booked Rachel Uchitel's flight and hotel room to Australia

(Bell reportedly even flew with Woods *alleged* mistress Uchitel to Australia!)

Bell also was one of the “close friends” of Woods who attended his “talk” last Friday in Orlando. A talk not attended by Woods wife Elin Nordegren.

The Observer reported today that the Woods-designed golf layout in Asheville is still on course. How do we know? Because Bryon Bell informed the Charlotte newspaper of it. 

Bryon Bell, president of Tiger Woods Design, declined to be interviewed but released a statement saying, in part, “We continue to enjoy tremendous support from our partners and are looking forward to progressing these projects in 2010. The Cliffs have been a wonderful partner in our first U.S. golf course design.”

Anthony said when the deal was signed, Bell told him that Woods would go beyond what he was contractually obligated to do in building the course. That has proven accurate, Anthony said.

If you’re wondering what’s taking Elin so long to confirm she’s staying in the marriage, I think we may have one of the answers.