PGA Tour Golfer Mayfair’s $50,000 Wedding Cake

It’s the day after Thanksgiving, so you’re probably still fighting through the final hours of that tryptophan hangover as we speak. Well, we’re here to tell you that it could be worse … you could have been trying to finish off a $50,000 wedding cake, as well as one shaped like a life-size Homer Simpson.

Billy Mayfair wedding cake

That’s the predicament guests of professional golfer Billy Mayfair and his new wife, former Arizona State golfer Tami Proctor, are looking at today. According to THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, the $50,000 concoction was a 10-tier cake with British Royal Icing so large it took two months to bake. For his part, Homer was a 100-pound chocolate cake of more than 40 layers. That’s right, 100 pounds, 40 layers. Of Homer Simpson. (Image after the jump)

Not surprisingly, Mayfair was the man behind the Homer cake, putting it on special order because Homer is, “one of Mayfair’s favorite characters.” No one is saying how much Homer the cake cost, but considering the fact that it was a 40-layer cake itself, and required a lot more custom artisan touches, we’re betting it was probably north of the $50,000 the traditional cake set the golfers back.

Homer Simpson wedding cake

So, how does someone design a $50,000 cake? Evidently with a series of styrofoam models and a full-time crew of five working on minute details. Some of those details required outside “cake consultants”, including crystal globes with LED lights which needed an electrician’s touch. The lasting proof that the cakes were more than anyone could handle comes from the woman who created them herself.

Julia Baker of Arizona-based Julia Baker Confections ended the night with her hands covered in blisters just from trying to cut the behemoths. That probably should have been a sign that things had gotten a little out of hand, no? Making the 55″ by 55″ wooden baseboard didn’t injure Baker, but cutting the cakes did.

All of that should be a little bit of comfort as you head back for the Thanksgiving leftovers this afternoon. Sure, turkey and stuffing are filling, but you could have a freezer full of 50 pounds of cake, 10 of which are the decapitated head of Homer Simpson. And you could still be paying off some $100 grand worth of cakes, one of which was built to look like your cartoon hero. If that’s not a sign to reconsider your priorities in life, I’m not sure what is.