Women’s Final Four More Interesting Than Men’s

That’s not a question, it’s a statement.

WNBA Live 2008

(’Coach’ Mode: Michael Cooper impregnates opposing team’s center)

I love Bob Huggins and his breast pocket mini bottles being in the Final Four, and Butler is a great story, especially in Indy. But if I could pick one game to attend this weekend at gunpoint it’s Brittney Griner vs. The Streak in San Antone on Sunday.

The sports media finally has a legitimately compelling women’s basketball matchup, but somehow the Sunday game isn’t getting more than the normal, politically-correct deference the women’s Final Four always receives. At least so far.

As I’ve written on more than one occasion here, Griner has a chance to be the Gretzky of not just women’s basketball, but the most dominant female athlete in the history of women’s team sports. Her dominant physical skills are like nothing we’ve ever seen from a team sport female.

In other words, she can dunk. Easily. That’s everything.

This is the one time the media is justified in splashing a women’s sports matchup that will actually deliver a legitimate amount of sports entertainment. So where has Griner and Geno been all week? All we’ve gotten is no more than we usually get from ESPN and other main media sports outlets.

I’d much rather learn more about Griner vs. UConn today than Digger Phelps bloviate about Michigan State for the gag reflex-inducing 400th time this season.

Not to say that this is a seminal moment for women’s sports. There’s only one Griner, likewise UConn is completely unique. But to have them meet in this context is pretty damn cool.

I’m in no way proclaiming the validation of the women’s game as a viable, consistent sports entertainment alternative. But in this particular instance, for the first time in my life, I will watch two women’s teams go at it with absolutely no interest in the undue size of their mammary glands.

The last time I actively took time out of my day to watch a women’s game in any sport was exactly never. Until tonight.