Women\’s Champion Boxer Vonda Ward Tackles A Third Pro Sport in Football

WOMEN’S BOXING CHAMP WANTS THE WHOLE NINE YARDS: We admit it. Right now, we’re kinda fond of Vonda Ward.

Saturday, the 6-foot-6 superchick won the World Boxing Council’s heavyweight title by crushing Martha Salazar in Cleveland. She did so despite having three bone chips in her right ankle that require surgery.

Ward in full attack mode is something to behold. This YouTube.com clip shows the power she can bring. In this July 2006 fight against Liz Kerin, Ward was actually staggered hard in the first round, but made a bitchy payback in the second round to put a big hurt on Kerin.

For those not familiar with the wide world of Ward saga, boxing is only her second pro sport. Before this, she was the Ohio state girls basketball Player of the Year, played college ball with the Tennessee Lady Vols, and had a pro career in Germany then with a team in the American Basketball League before she broke her hand and called it quits.

Now she’s got another sport to conquer: Pro football.

This week, she signed with the Cleveland Fusion of the National Women’s Football League. Season play begins in May.

Right now, she may be the best pro football tight end in all of Cleveland. Any response from Kellen Winslow Jr., aka “The Chosen One?”