Woman Says Eagles Fired Her For Having Cancer

Bonnie Grant used to be a spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Eagles who spent a lot of her time with the team trying to raise awareness of breast cancer through the team’s Tackling Breast Cancer organization. I say she used to be a spokeswoman because back in 2007 she was fired by the team. Or at least that’s her side of the story.

bonnie grant eagles breast cancer

In a lawsuit filed on Saturday, Grant claims that she was let go from the job without warning because of the fact she’s a woman, and that she also has breast cancer herself.


According to the lawsuit, the Eagles learned Grant had breast cancer through her work to raise awareness about the disease. Without elaborating, the suit adds that Grant then was subjected to “petty and unsupported discipline.”

Grant complained that “similarly situated males” were not disciplined in the same manner, according to the suit, and that the Eagles took no steps to investigate or stop the discrimination and harassment.

Grant was fired “summarily and without warning” and without cause Oct. 12, 2007, the suit contends.

Grant contends that the team not only fired her without warning, but that they also refused to give her any severance pay, and that her firing violates the Americans With Disabilities act. Grant also says that after her firing, the Eagles sent an email to the rest of their employees saying that Grant was leaving the team to “pursue other interests.”

The Eagles had this to say about the lawsuit:

“We do not comment on pending litigation, but we completely reject the claims . . .,” the Eagles said in a statement. “There is no basis for the claims and we intend to fight them vigorously.

“Over the past five years, the Philadelphia Eagles organization has dedicated significant resources to fund the Tackling Breast Cancer (TBC) campaign. This campaign supports women and their families who are experiencing the challenges of learning about and managing the effects of breast cancer. Not only is our campaign geared to raise awareness among the general public and our fans, but it is also geared to - create sensitivity toward and compassion for - women who are going through this experience.”

See, the Eagles didn’t fire her just because she had breast cancer, they did it to show sensitivity and compassion. Where would she find the time to have her condition treated if she had to go to work everyday? So by firing her, the team is trying to cure her cancer.

Or Grant is just unemployed and running out of money fast and needs to find some cash to help pay for her treatment, so she’s just throwing crap at the wall and seeing what sticks.

Let the jury decide.