School Wouldn’t Use Ref Because She’s A Woman

A religious high school in Kansas wouldn’t use a certain referee for one of their boys’ basketball games - just because she was a woman.

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The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that back on Feb. 2, officials from St. Mary’s Academy told Michelle Campbell right before tip-off that she wouldn’t be working that night.

The reasoning - if you can call it that - was that having a female referee “would be putting a woman in a position of authority over boys … a scenario that was contrary to beliefs at St. Mary’s Academy.”

After hearing such an idiotic excuse, Campbell and her male co-referee walked off the court. Even the replacement ref brought in refused to do the game after hearing what happened.

The Kansas State High School Activities Association has asked the school to explain their misogynistic policy, and St. Mary’s has not responded. The KC STAR also asked school officials about the sexist snub, only to receive the standard “no comment” response.

St. Mary's Academy Kansas

St. Mary’s is run by the Society of St. Pius X, a Catholic organization created to counter the Vaitcan reforms of the 1960s. The society is so holy & upright that Pope John Paul II excommunicated their leader back in the 1980s.

And it’s not the first time St. Mary’s had problems playing with girls. Back in 2004, the football team forfeited a game because their opponents had a young lady on their roster.

Why such a stance? Maybe the school’s afraid the refs might start making out. But banishing female officials from the court goes along with many of the other lesser-known rules & regulations of St. Mary’s home games. Including:

• No photos or videotaping allowed, since cameras steal people’s souls.

• All P.A. announcements are spoken in Latin.

• Concessions must only serve eucharist wafers & bottled holy water.

• Players are crucified after fouling out.

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