Woman Busted For Showing Bust At Grizz Game

FEMALE FAN’S FLASH DANCE FIZZLED BY FEDEX FORUM SECURITY: WHBQ-TV in Memphis exposes news that a woman tried to liven up yet another dull Grizzlies game by flashing the Jumbotron:

Memphis Grizzlies FedEx Forum

The 35-year-old fan gave the FedEx Forum faithful at least something to cheer about, when she showed her goodies on the big screen during a game against Golden State.

Arena security quickly tracked down the woman - possibly to get her number - and turned her over to Memphis police, who arrested her for public exhibition.

A radio broadcaster covering the game thinks the uncovering shouldn’t have been worthy of jail time: “I don’t think that’s going to ruin any family atmosphere at the game, and people are going to be scared to bring their kids to the game.”

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And it’s not the first time a pair of boobs were on display in an NBA arena.